RideJumper — LIRR

by Blue Point Studios, Inc.

New schedule updated to cover period from Mar 1, 2011 to May 15, 2011.

Living on Long Island with daily commute to NYC, or going occasionally to the Hamptons, we all have those little LIRR schedules (green, purple, orange, red, etc.). They easily get lost inside your bags and/or become outdated when you happen to need them. But now, the RideJumper comes to the rescue.

Now you can get your trip scheduled in seconds. No internet connection required; all data is right on your device. The RideJumper features a user option that starts with the nearest station or last stored choice. You get the time for the next scheduled train, or details for a selected trip.

With RideJumper you will get:

and more…

Application covers all LIRR branches. Therefore you can forget about line name and color. Simply define a trip and we'll do the rest.

You will never miss a train again!

P.S. More features are coming soon …

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